Staring at the Wake

by Weekend Alarms

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We figured 4 years is long enough to practice the same 6 songs before doing something about it. Sounds good but.


released June 15, 2011

All songs written and performed by:
Dane Pollock | Guitar and Vocals
Hayden Robins | Guitar and Vocals
Chris Pollock | Bass Guitar and Vocals
Benjamin Breitenstein | Drums and Synths

Recorded, Engineered and Mastered by James Jackson in June-Dec ‘10.
Produced by Benjamin Breitenstein.

Drums and Guitars recorded at VIA Studios. Bass and Vocals recorded at Enoggera Industrial Estate. Samples and Synths programmed in Ben’s bedroom

Art Concept and Design by Benjamin Breitenstein. ‘We are Million’ short film Directed, Shot and Edited by Benjamin Breitenstein -
Live footage shot by Jess Kearney



all rights reserved


Weekend Alarms Brisbane, Australia


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Track Name: Restless
02. Restless
Words by BB /DP

This odyssey
i wait in search of dawn
a tear is shed with every yawn, with every yawn
the pain concealed, will simmer with my needs
a victim’s wounds will never heal
a thought circulates, aware that I’ll awake
with sore feet
and calloused heels

Taxing, restless
a tear shed with every yawn
twilight, listless
endorphins take too long
in slumber with a furrowed brow
and through gritted teeth
taxing, restless
suffering at the hands of sleep

You can stare for so long
despite how it looks
the hands are moving
each strike of the clock
reminds me how long
I have been asleep

A thought burns so quickly
the flint’s cold denial
a tight noose surrounds this island slowly
a hot wired memory
the shock in every smile
a stiff face so gently turning over

A thought burns so quickly
the flint’s cold denial
who set my bed on fire
could someone wake me
a hotwired memory
the shock in every smile
a stiffened face so gently
starts turning over

I am happy
when I’m restless
Track Name: Wasted on the Young
03. Wasted on the Young
Words by CP

Have you ever fallen so hard
you forgot which way is up?
is this the way we operate?
petrified and plasticised, immasculated and
told that we’re the reason for the hate

We feel for all that’s real
for all that never heals

Lambs to the shearer they take what we grow
that which keeps us warm and safe
please don’t forget the promise that you made
forever’s a long time to wait

Fire the starboard cannons, fire on all neurons
don’t let yourself get taken
reach out and take hold
don’t buy what’s been sold
to us this is a cheap immitation
of what’s meant to be
and what’s meant by ‘free’

So if you feel
that you can’t go on
and there’s no reason left to be strong anymore

But here’s the cruel bit
that bites the foolish
you don’t have a thing to show
for following the rules kid

Tell me how can you keep going on
around in circles endlessly like this
chasing after a lie that you were fed
the truth haunts you at night
and keeps you from your bed

Time is circular, just like paths we trace
sometimes we embrace things that burn
no-one can save you except for yourself
no-one can turn this around
no-one can save you now
Track Name: Lost Kids
04. Lost Kids
Words by DP

Sing, like we are one
they’ve won
take a breath and exhale what we’ve become
they’ve won
sing, like we are one
they’ve won

It cuts straight to the middle
a bond breaks with words so terse
this voice singing out in my head
reminding me to go
a short face blind to what’s inside
a break, for february smiles
a cold train charging down the line
a break to look inside my head

Sing, like we are one
they’ve won
take a breath and exhale what we’ve become
they’ve won

Collect frames, ferment these fears
reject pain, and persevere
(focus on the trivial)
a language, where nothing translates
new words born, from spelling mistakes
(focus on the trivial)
wallow in these old ways
breathe new life into decay

I’m falling dead asleep
I’ll find it in your eyes
this voice singing out in my head
reminding me to go
if not for faith, then for myself
because of you
Track Name: Between Blinks
06. Between Blinks
Words by CP

This is the way that we
desecrate the memories
lying to ourselves, removing
any chance we had, to be free

The intoxicated minds we lie down inside
they’re false, but pleasing to the eye
so go on, recline, kick back
erase the memory
take a deep breath and relax
embrace the lie

i haven’t slept in days
and no one’s noticing
its absurd and sad
and theres no stopping it
im robbed of all my manicured lines
and elequence will fall in time

It’ll take a landmine or a wall

This is the way that we
desecrate the memories
lying to ourselves, removing
any chance we had

Step back
everything is racked up in
order of your importance

Now i lay me down to sleep
to concentrate on everything
and pass the night into the sky
and wait for another friend to die
dig the hole or climb the wall?
the exit angle’s way too tall
for this cheap distraction
fake reaction
feign indifference
blink and miss it
Track Name: Means to and End
07. Means to an End
Words by CP

The wind tightens around my neck
and sings a warmth-removing tune
i’d like some more time to reflect
but it’s always over too soon

These moments are too short to live for
and too infrequent to bother playing safe
when there’s nothing to lose
it’s too easy to choose
to dig your own grave
what’s left to save?

And all i feel
is making me kneel
my hands are moving all on their own
i just need
a chance to be free
my joints are rusting and i’m losing control

Pray lock and load
just stay on the road
all my ties to this world slowly erode
pray, lock and load
just stay on the road

But then the tension breaks
when the seatbelt snaps
accompanied by the warning light
telling me we’re out of gas
but when you look away
the things in your path stay
which generally won’t see you
seeing out the day

It’s so unfair, it’s time to share
my anger with the world
‘cause i’m beyond repair
this time i’m empty
this time i’m out
i’m getting off and this time there’s no doubt

‘Cause i can’t see
a future for me
my hands are moving all on their own
i’ll finally
make myself free
this is it, i’m taking back control
Track Name: Into the Minds of Mad Men
08. Into the Minds of Madmen
Words by CP

In a lot of ways, giving up is like going to sleeep
you can try it for a while before the cycle repeats
and any time you decide to run with your feet
it’s only a matter of time until you’re back at defeat

And i can’t stop from stealing
the logic from this feeling
there’s no point not revealing
this unstoppable dive, i’m going down

You’ll escape from my mind, i’m going down
you’ll escape from my mind, this is the-

End of an era, and there’s nothing left to fear
i’m an anvil for a chute
so don’t waste your time on the tears
i’m a vampire and a drain without the novelty of reins
descent takes new meaning when it comes to me

Stutter at first, spit out the rehearsed lines
i’m shaking and taking too many steps at a time
tripping over my words, with the second and third try
to explain to you that we’re all about to die

And you won’t believe it wasn’t all a big lie
until you could see the brewing storm in these eyes
i’m not a fraud, not ineffective this time
and this will be the last time, that you see me cry

The madness of my symphony’s begun
now sit back and watch the fun